Should Linux be supported?

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Most hardware vendors get Windows for free as it is subsidised by all the crapware that is bundled with it. Thats why almost every new preinstalled windows PC comes with a whole host of other ‘free’ software, usually software that has an interest in tracking your online activity!

M$ is the technological devil!!! Linux is taking over the world! COVERTLY!

Android is based on Linux. Most of the internet servers out there, use Linux. Usually people that are the most hostile against Linux are those that haven’t used it in the last 5 years. The UI’s and Desktop Environments have come on leaps and bounds recently.

WD chose to use Linux for many good reasons, apart from it being free. It is secure, customisable, and ALMOST entirely free of viruses. Not to mention that when custom built for the hardware in use and applications required is way less hardware intensive than anything M$ offers.

It is just a shame that WD didn’t see fit to make Linux equivelants of the Windows software they offer.

More and more people are migrating daily, and not regretting it, I am one of many, and I regret nothing. I switched to Linux Mint Cinnamon 64 after a failed hard drive left me faced with paying M$ again, for a new licence key - 3 hours on the phone with someone at M$ who even with remote control of my PC couldn’t fix the license issue resulted in them asking me for another £120 to sort out my PC - NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!!!

With Mint everything is good, secure, reasonably familiar to a 20+ M$ guy, and best of all FREE! Free of cost, and free to do what you want with it!

Don’t be fooled by the stats of the Linux user bases, they are changing daily and largely nonsense!

Linux is taking over the world - slowly!


Thanks for sharing your point of view with he community, I was a Linux user myself and in my opinion this OS has come a long way from where it started, Linux has become more user friendly and easy to use. However one of the reasons in my opinion that Linux is not supported, is the fact that there are a lot of distros out that work differently from one another, but the Linux community is always very helpful with all the issues you may encounter.


I don’t think it would be too difficult to add an app for the debian/Ubuntu based distros. as there is a lot of those.

You can always use Filezilla too and FTP into the box, I find it much faster. You could also use SSH to open a connection to a filemanager in Linux.