Should it take this long?

I have a WD SmartWare drive that I’ve used for the past several months to backup my iMac. When the Mac’s hard drive failed, the techs were able to grab a backup of my desktop, so I took my SmartWare down so they could load what they grabbed on it. I went to load my files on my new hard drive from the SmartWare, and this is all I get…

It’s been like this for the past 24 hours. There’s about 600GB of data on the SmartWare. Should it take this long to install? If not, will Force Quitting the process harm the SmartWare? I’m a graphic designer, and ALL of my work is on there. I’m terrified of losing it.

Thanks for your help!

It should not take that long. Stop the application and try restoring the files again.

Remember you can just go into the backup folder on the drive and manually restore the files.