Should iOS devices be listed as Cloud Devices?

I’ve got my My Cloud pretty much setup how I want it, but keep running into the dreaded ‘?’ icon for the drive on both my iOS devices (iPhone 6 & iPad Air 2).

If I delete the App and reinstall/sign in then it displays the correct icon, until either my NAS is rebooted or my iOS device is rebooted, then it goes back to the question mark icon.

I was wondering if it’s something to do with the fact my iOS devices are not listed as ‘Could devices’ under ‘Cloud Access’? My MacBook with WD Sync installed is listed, but nothing else (even when the iOS devices have the correct icon):

Am I missing something here?

Look at the following link and see if the information helps.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that article was the first thing I tried.

Solution 2 “works” in the sense if I delete the App and re-install it then the correct icon is displayed, but my question is - should my iOS devices be listed as ‘Cloud devices’ or not? I actually remember them being listed there when it was initially setup but they’ve since disappeared and no amount of re-installing brings them back.

It’s not a solution to have to constantly delete/re-install the App every time it decides to forget what drive it is IMO.

Regards, J_K

How are you “pairing” your iOS devices to the Cloud? Are you using the login method, direct pairing from your local network, or using a 12-digit authorization code?

I’m pairing them via the My Cloud iOS App:

  1. Download the My Cloud App from the App Store.
  2. Open, Agree to the EULA.
  3. Sign in with my credentials.
  4. Drive appears automatically as ‘already added to account’ and icon is correct.

This is all OK, but any reboot of the NAS or restart of either iOS device and the icon turns into a question mark again.

That’s what I’d guessed. I think if you pair them using one of the other two methods, that issue won’t happen. I don’t use the method you use.

Just out of interest Tony, what mobile devices are you using to connect and do you have to use the Code generator on the NAS?

I’ve got several iPads, an iPhone and an android tablet. Yes. The code comes from the NAS.

How do you add an iPad to the My Cloud using a code? As I’ve mentioned, mine just says ‘already added to account’ when I sign in, I can’t see any option to add a code generated by the device.

I’m using the iOS App, are you?

Yep, I go to the menu, select Manage Devices/Services, select (under Add Manually) “WD Drive”, and enter the code.

Cheers. I managed to get them listed as cloud devices by removing the device from My Cloud and adding it as a local device - they now show in the list along with my MacBook Pro and the icon was correct across all devices…

until I restarted the iPad and they all reverted back to the ? icon again.

I’m giving up, going to submit a bug report to WD, hopefully they will fix it with an update.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.