Should I use Extended Test or Write Zeros to fix Bad Sectors?


I 100% sure that my My Passport has got some bad sectors on many areas cause it’s corrupting my data… Now, that data isn’t important to me cause I have its backup. So, I’ve decided to eliminate my Hdd’s Bad Sectors…

I’ve installed WinDlg_124 for Windows 7.

What Option should I select to Eliminate its Bad Sectors?

Should I choose Extended Test or Write Zeros?

Or first I run Extended Test then I run Write Zeros or vice versa?

Plz help,


use write zeros to the drive to reset the sectors to empty again… that will discover any bad sectors that still has not appeared…

only one thing… if the drive is corrupting your data check the drive health constantly with hard disk sentinel for example… you should exchange your drive … data should not appear as corrupted… ECC should have worked … that is a realy nasty sector xD