Should I use AP Mode for N900 wired to a Cable modem/router?

I have two TIVO S3 HD Dvr's that I've had for a number of years. I've been able to share recorded shows back and forth until recently when I got a new cable modem/Voip combo, removed a router from my network, and replaced a second router with a WD N900.

Old setup: cable modem -> ethernet cable to VoIP phone modem -> ethernet cable to wireless router 1 -> ethernet cable from router 1 to through the house wiring box -> receiving through house wiring box -> ethernet cable from wiring box to router 2 (also wireless) -> ethernet cable from router 2 to TIVO 2. TIVO 1 is via ethernet cable from wireless router 1.

New  setup: cable modem/Voip/wireless (one unit) -> ethernet cable to through the house wiring -> receiving through house wiring box -> ethernet cable from box to new WD N900 router -> ethernet cable from new WD N900 to TIVO 2. TIVO 1 is via ethernet from new cable/Voip/wireless modem.


I have this setup due to the fact that I cannot receive wireless in the front part of my house without the second wireless router, and i cannot run cat5 wires either (thus the need for through the wiring boxes).

The two TIVO's now cannot see each other on the network, whereas they could before with the old setup.

All devices on the cable modem/router work fine (whether wireless or wired)

All devices that use the WD N900 (whether wired and wireless) work fine.

The only issue is that the two TIVO's can now no longer see each other.


I tired turning off DHCP on the WD N900, but the issue was not fixed.  TIVO support says that they can't help me without contacting WD tech support to see if there is something that I should change in the WD N900 settings.


Should I change the N900 from router mode to AP Mode?  I've tried reseaching this, but do not truly understand since most info that I find only refers to the wireless signal, but my TIVO's are both wired to their respective routers.


I"m also thinking (though not positive since my knowledge or how routers work is limited) that since the WD N900 router is daisy chained to the cable modem/router that the TIVO's think that they are on two separate networks.


I would appreciate any suggestions as to what I have done wrong, or need to change.



Can you provide more information about the new cable modem/Voip/wireless (one unit) ?

If the new unit is described as a ‘router’ then you should indeed configure the N900 as an Access Point so that you don’t end up  creating two separate networks.

This is the cable mode/router/wireless/voip  that I received from Xfinity Cable:

The manual does describe the Arris Gateway as a router.

I have Tivo 1, a dvd play, and a computer all hooked to it by ethernet cables for their internet connection.  It is also a wireless internet broadcaster as well, so I’m confused as to how it could not be a router.

page 44 specifically says that it is a router and explains how to rest the router function to factory defaults.

page 43. Sorry.

I think you misread my earlier post when I originally quoted  “The manual does describe it as a router”.

The Arris gateway is a router.

So you need to configure the N900 as an Access Point.

Fwiw, earlier, when you tried to disable the DHCP server on the N900, to effectively turn it into an Access Point, and then discovered it didn’t work, this was probably because you hadn’t moved the ethernet cable from the yellow internet socket to one of the other regular gigabit ethernet sockets on the N900.

If you use ‘Access Point’ mode on the N900, DHCP is disabled by default and you can use yellow internet socket as an additional ethernet socket.

Thanks!! I will try that and let you know if this fixes the problem.  Sorry that I’m a little dense on my knowledge of routers.

YES!  That did the trick. My two TIVO’s can now see each other over the home network, and … my internet connection on the wireless N900  (which I’m using here) seems to be faster as well. That my not be true, but it seems faster.