Should I upgrade to .24 or stay @ .17?

[deleted] Well  I did read through the site and I was still kind of torn - that’s why I asked the question. If some one could give me the pros vs. the cons - that would be great.  It looks like if I ugrade I will lose HD with YOUTUBE. However, if I don’t upgrade then  I can not share folders on the network (not sure about this). The bottom line - stay on .17 or hit on .24?

hey, that was me…

so if you didn’t get the answers you liked, why did you repost the same question when you could have just revived your original question:

The message was a little stale and at the bottom of the queue, and yes I was not happy with just one reply.  All you had to say was   - I  would not upgrade because of …  or I would upgrade because of…     Now is that so hard for you to do. BTW, I did read through many questions already and I and still torn. It’s not laziness. Laziness is not answering a question and instead  trying to start  tensions on the community board.

RU_Big_Ten wrote:

 It’s not laziness. Laziness is not answering a question and instead  trying to start  tensions on the community board.

It is laziness. This is a community board where you first try to help yourself and you certainly don’t repeat questions because either you don’t like an answer or you want to refresh the question and get to the top of the queue.

if you want my opinion, i’d upgrade to the newest firmware.  if you don’t like it, roll back.

it seems many problems are people/setup specific, so you won’t know which is best until you try it.

hopefully they come out with another firmware update soon to address some of the major issues and not just a youtube firmware update.

i’m using the newest firmware with no problems, shared on a network (hardwired) to my router and running windows 7 64bit pro.

only major complaint i have is the ALL MEDIA being visible over network shares, but that is the same for all firmwares and i don’t really use youtube, so that isn’t a big deal for me either.

Hey Guys, I really appreciate that you are keeping your tones level.  It’s nice to see on the community. 

RU_Big_Ten ,

Just so you know, when anyone replies to any post, it shoots that post back to the top of that board.  If an original post stays inactive then it stays at the bottom.  That’s one reason why you see me responding to posts that have no replies, it kicks the post back into action.  And some people start responding after that.  However, these guys are right, you have to search the boards.  There is a lot of good information here.  I would just hope that more people click on the Accepted Solution if their questions get answered.