Should I upgrade from MCM gen1?

I plan to upgrade from a first gen mirror and have a few questions.

First, should I do this? My main problem is that I can’t access it over a network. Dashboard, My Cloud and ethernet cable work fine, but Windows won’t see it on a network. I’ve tried enabling SMB1, rebooting, etc. but am tired of fooling with it. Will a new model help? I would do a hard reset, but I’m afraid the lack of ongoing support from WD (no setup software) will prove fatal to that effort.

Second, can I just pull the disks it came with and plop them into a similar unit? Everything is backed up to a USB drive but I’d prefer to just use the HD drives I already have.

Third, what other brands/models do you recommend? WD seems ok, but the lack of support for a 5 year old device irks me.

Thanks for your advice.

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the MCM 1 if all you need is network storage and access. I suspect you’ll have similar issues with any NAS as I believe your problem is with windows/your network and not the MCM 1.
What Router do you have? What Firmware is the MCM 1 running? What does the dashboard say in items such as General>Cloud Access, Network>Network Profile, etc? This may give a clue as to your problems.