Should I upgrade from 1.0.36 to 2.10.302 firmware?

Just realised that  my firmware is a bit “old” looking at the version number.

Saw a few threads about problems after upgrading the firmware.

OK/safe to upgrade to the latest one now?

Tried to find out more on the latest firmware but WD’s site is still showing the 1.0xx version.


Hi, the upgrade is available from the dashboard, so you should be safe to upgrade from the version that you are right now to the last version by performing a automatic update.

For me the latest update fixed my USB Backup to my external WD My Cloud device which was awesome. Not so awesome was the fact that the CPU seems to pinned all the time. Response is brutal and I can’t keep a connection to the thing either through IE or Windows Explorer. All in all a major negative. New interface looks real pretty though.

EDIT November 5th: I was able to resolve my issues by going to SETTINGS -> NETWORK and forcing the SMB to 1 (default I believe is 2). MUCH happier now :slight_smile: It is apparently a compatibility issue between the NAS and Windows 10. Sorry I didn’t save the link to the actual article that posted the fix.

OK thanks. Good to know no one has new unresolved problems after the update.

I will update the firmware next week.


Updated with the new firmware yesterday.

Noted that in the media section, the Twonky I installed some months ago is now gone.

Updating the firmware will reset this to default?

Annoying if that is the case. Maybe WD staff can help here if I can recover Twonky installation easily before I reinstall it again.