Should I try to connect hard drive after unsafe removal?

*Should I try to connect my external after an unsafe removal? Or will it hurt my Mac some how? I’m not very knowledgeable of computers… esp. hard drives. 

I opened my  WD Hard Drive (3 years. Old) in a Finder window. I highlighted one of 3 folders. It was named “Desktop” (was empty & created very recently). I thought it shouldn’t be there so I clicked “Get info” (from the Finder toolbar) then Finder became unresponsive. I couldn’t eject the HD (I’m guessing; because it was in use in the “unresponsive” finder window). 

I re-launched Finder and No Hard Drive Icon appeared on Desktop. Tried to restart etc…

It later said I removed device without ejecting and files could be corrupt or missing. Had power outage earlier that day.  Should I try to connect the hard drive again. (I want to restore some of my files). Thank you for any help.

Hi there!!

It’s not likely for your Mac to have an issue with it… But the drive itself is another story. When an external drive is not disconnected properly it can corrupt the data inside…

Try to connect the drive again, if you’re lucky then all the files will be safe inside… if not you may have to reformat the drive just to use it… Or even do data recovery if things get ugly…

Best of luck!!

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Ok, thank you!

So… The (My Book Studio Edition) HD shows up in System Profiler but nowhere else. Also won’t turn off with button and light has been steady (on standby?). Is this the right reconnection procedure?..

…[Power down Mac, unplug Mac power cord (from back), unplug HD power   from the back, unplug FW data cord from Mac then… Reconnect power cords, turn on Mac and plug data cord back into Mac?] …If it does show up I guess the next step will be to decide if  files are corrupt.

P.S.  If I need help with the next step; do I add to this or start new subject/post?  I am new to forums. Thanks again:)