Should I trust system restore to not mess my personal files?

My 4Tb MyCloud has been acting up. I would like to reset it but I want to save my files from it first.
System only claims that my files will be safe, but I don’t trust this device. This is taking a long long time to rescue my stuff because the drive crashes and stops responding.

Hi, welcome to the community.

The System Only Restore, should only restore the settings of the drive back to default and your data should be intact.

Have you tried the reset by pressing the reset button in the back? This could solve the issue of the My Cloud acting up.

the system only restore does not delete shares or data, all other restores do delete data & shares. the system only restore will fix a lot of issues and is a very good step if you have problems you can’t fix through the UI

Always have a backup of data and especially before any major operations.

when re-creating user and permission go very slowly, wait for each change to finish before do the next even though some screens don’t force this.

don’t reboot because you think it has been too long. depending on data it may be very slow for a day to over a week.

Clicked on the system restore option and let it do it’s thing while I went to work.
Still had a lot of files on it that I didn’t move to another external yet. I prayed that they were STILL there when I got home.
Came home to see a timed out error message because it was still waiting to reboot, but my fIles were still there. And it seems like it working a little better.