Should I simply return the WD20EARS?

I just bought three of these drives. I saw a post somewhere and started looking around. I know; wrong order. It appears that these drives (which I bought to go into an external RAID box for backup) are simply too much of a ■■■■ shoot to tolerate. I can fix the parking thing, although it is a pain in the butt because I have to remove a drive to get to a direct SATA port to do firmware updates. But there are so many other issues reported. Including, of course, breaks in RAID. WD - can we get a definitive and official company response that says you are going to make these work like every other major (and minor) disk makers drives. And that they will work. Basically, will you provide firmware that completely fixes the drives or not.

WDC “point blank” states the Greens are not RAID aware, other than for software RAID 0/1

I have not actually seen what you say is a point blank statement. The best I have seen is not designed for. Never a mention of which types of RAID either. And this information is not generally carried in advertising or specs from companies selling the drives. And this does not seem to be required and monitored by WD. No other drives I have ever seen are unable to accomplish this. There is no rational reason a prospective purchaser would go to the WD site to see if a particular drive operates like every other disk before purchasing one from a retailer. WD stating on their site is not an effective method for restricting the expectation of a normal user that the drive is unfit for expected normal purposes. WD said it does not actually work is both incorrect and BS. There must be positive notice to individual purchasers that this drive does not meet the fitness for merchantability criteria of all other devices in the same market. It is like going out and buying a new car and finding out the first day of spring when it won’t run, that the manufacturers web site cautions that it is not designed to be used at temperatures above 60 F. I further believe that low power slow drives would be naturally considered as specifically well suited for low activity critical data storage use; and RAID would be a common method of connection. Just my opinion. But I am really annoyed. I could have bought some Samsungs a week or so ago at a similar price but I had ordered these. Now I have to ship these back if I can. Probably having to pay shipping.

If you read the Caviar Green Drive Specifications Sheet PDF file:

It clear states (in “fine print”) :

Desktop PCs, high capacity external storage, and NAS.

If you haven’t already you might benefit from reading user reviews at Newegg for this drive. Order them by “Most Helpful” and you will see a number of entries by people who have dealt with the RAID capabilities of this drive, possible work arounds. I believe that at least one poster said he’s managed OK. YMMV, of course.