Should i see Mybook live from 'MyComputer'

Hi All,

I have today setup my 6tb My Book Live duo and i was expecting to be able to view my Nas device contents through ‘MyComputer’ but it doesnt appear?

The only way i can view my files are by opening the UI and then selecting ‘View Files’ - Can someone confirm if there’s an easier/better way to view my files?

I tried mapping a drive name to my device but it wouldnt work :frowning:

Any help appreiciated.

It should appear in the NETWORK section on the left of the window in the “Navigation Pane.”

Otherwise, you need to “Map” a share to a drive letter for it to appear in the main pane of My Computer.

It doesnt even show under Network? - I can map a drive to my device but i need to do it for each share that i have and currently i have 5, that doesnt seem correct to me?

Do any devices show under network?  

If not (and if there should be) then it could be that Network Discovery Service is not running.

It doesn’t automatically show up in that section if you would like it there you could simply map it, and as far as it not showing up on the network section make sure UPNP is enabled on your router, and that network discovery is enabled on your computer.

I don’t believe you need the UPnP service enabled to map locally or have the MBL show up in the WORKGROUP of MyNetworkPlaces. It is required for WD2Go if you want to have a direct connection vs a relay connection (without messing around with port forwarding).


WilliamH:  You’re correct.  UPnP has nothing to do with service discovery on network share servers.

In the case of the MBLs, UPnP is only used for remote access connections (WD 2go and WD Photos.)