Should I RMA my WD 1TB Mypassport?

I just did a diagnostics using WD Drive Utilities. I should do a RMA? 

Smart status - passed

Perform Quick Drive Self-Test - FAILED

Perform a full media scan to detect bad sectors- FAILED

I also right click my My Passport (E:) and then under properties, I clicked on tools. I used a “error-checking” option to check the drive for errors.


Looks like you should RMA the drive.

How to get an RMA, (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty

If I go with a standard replacement for doing a RMA, will they send me a box and a return label to ship it or do I have to pay out of my own pocket for the costs of shipping it to WD and the box? 

I’m very so sorry but I’ve never done a RMA with Western Digital. 

Also, what am I suppose to ship to Western Digital?

The original packaging, charger, and the mypassport ? 

There are no clear instructions for this type of RMA. 

When they ship out a new external harddrive(mypassport), is it a certified item or brand new?

An email will be sent with all of the details once you place the RMA request.

For more information please see the link bellow:

Where to find WD RMA policy, turnaround time, packing instructions, shipping addresses, and services

You can also contact support directly for more information.

Does Western Digital RMA send a replacement as a “Brand New”, “Used”, or “Recertified” hard drive/Product?

They send a refurbished replacement. It might not be identical but will be at least the same size or larger.


Just did a WD Drive Utilities scan, and HD Tune Surface scan (for bad sectors) and nothing was found. Now somethings weird which makes me think if its the software or the hard drive… I haven’t done a “WRITE ZERO” scan test on DLGIAG (Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics) but maybe tmrw, I will upload.

Not sure if I want to RMA now 

there’s nothing wrong with the hardware. its looks like a file system problem. copy off all your data to another place and reformat the drive