Should I Install SmartWare

I purchased My Book Premium Storage 3T.  When I downloaded the User Guide and began to read, I saw that It comes with software to install: 1) WD Drive Utilities, 2) WD Security, and 3) WD SmartWare. 

I came here to learn a little about the SmartWare and since there seem to be problems (one being high CPU usage), I was wondering could I not install it and use the backup in Windows 7 to back up. ( ).

 What about WD Drive Utilities and WD Security?  Can I just plug in MY Book and then use Windows 7 backup without installing any of the software?  I would appreciate for any advice you can give.

You do not have to install the Smartware. You can use the drive like any other drive. Windows backup should work.


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Thank you so much.