Should i get the RED or the Green 3TB drive?

I am planning to run it in single mode aka no raid or anything like that. Which one is most suitable for that task? I have heard the RED is no recommended for single use, is that true?

Thanks in beforehand!


Is not that is not recommended for single use, is just that the drive is designed to be use on external NAS devices…

Now if you are going to have the new drive just for storage, the WD Green will be good for you. at the end of the day both hard drives have similar specs.

Why wouldn’t it be recommended? What would happen if i do run it in single use?

In single use, an unusual condition (“error”) on the Red Drive will be reported much quicker (typically 7 seconds or less  instead of 45) to the Operating System in use. That means your O.S. will think the drive has failed while a Green drive would attempt much longer to find a good spot on the drive (“recover”).

However it appears that this delay can be changed by the user for a Red Dr. I have not verified that in any way.

To better understand what is involved, see

although this one does not apply to Red Dr,283/session/L3RpbWUvMTMyMTQzOTc4NS9zaWQvdVhvYmpmSms%3D

This is one of many reviews of Red Drives which I find informative

As a burned child I say:  Take a  2TB !!
Any problem you’ll have in future will be multiplied by 100 because of missing tools and missing compatibility.
Maybe they will have a solution for all the issues before you run out of space…

I already have two 2 terrabytes in my computer thank you! And i don’t plan to keep them long in my computer, only as offline discs.

As I said, I’m a burned child !
I have 17TB (7 x 2TB, 1 x 3TB) on two computers in use, not counted the Boot-Disks which are smaller Raids.

When I had problems with the 2TB in past, I ALWAYS was able to get my data back and save them to another Disk, even the HDD died after that.
Now I have a problem with the (green one) 3TB Drive ( it will be the first and last).
No working tools can be found and I’m jumping from one problem to another, starting with BIOS through Controller Drivers up to Operating System and ending with a fatal “important Win7-Update”…

My best wishes, hope you’ll find the best decision for yourself