Should I get a My Cloud NAS or a WD Live network hard drive?

I have a WD 1TB hub right now but its getting full so I want to expand its storage.

I was looking at the 3TB network hard drive, but saw that the speeds on the 3TB My Cloud are much better for just $20 more, I’m just not sure if it’s compatible with what I want to use it for. It has the USB option which is nice, the WD My Book Live only has that option if you buy the 4TB or the 6TB which are ridiculously priced.

Has anyone used the Cloud for this?

Hello slyboysteve, I would go with the My Cloud, like you say is faster than the My Book Live and it has a newer version of the Twonky media server. You can check page 103 of the My Cloud manual for more information on the use of the USB port.

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Thanks for the post…I think the USB option is going to be a big benefit as well as the speeds.