Should I buy?

I saw there was a deal for the WD tv box but was wondering if I should buy it. I currently have a apple tv, xbox one, and chromecast. Does this device do something I can not do with these. I currently play the file from my EX4 on my iphone or ipad and then airplay it to the apple tv to watch!

Well, I guess you’re asking if you’re missing out on something you don’t know if you’re missing out on. :slight_smile:

Some things it can think of:
Full DVD compatibility including menus
Media Library functionality (search, sort, filter…)
Metadata extraction / integration
When wired, it does flawless, buffer-free playback of full HD Bluray rips (no wifi device can do this reliably every time)

The thing is fairly long in the tooth at this point… Almost three years old. There’s probably plenty of newer boxes that can do this, but I’ve not seen a reason to flee.