Should I buy a My Net N900 or not - I need a reliable fast dual band Router

Pretty simple - there seems to be a huge amount of negativity here. Its a bit to be expected - I usually don’t seek out the forums unless I am having issues.

Genuine question -

I need a reliable modem out of the box. I have not had to reset my DLink in the 3 years I have had it. This what I expect and demand from tech. 5 years and its redundant - but with no moving parts and no heating and cooling cycles (its always on) I expect it to last at least that long - I have plenty of tech that old (this laptop I an typing on is 2007)

I am just at the stage of wanting to move to dual band. I have no time or interest resetting - problem solving a WiFi router. I do not have the time - and my wife does not have the skills - or the time.

So - how many positive stories out there are there ? Is the My Net for me or not ?



Software is not mature (as in stable) enough, and i somewhat doubt it they will fix it entirely.

[EDIT] Removed the remark about buying the unit as i was talking about a different product (the N900 Central)

fwiw, the N900 also has an internal fan if you are looking for a router with no moving parts…

Anyone from WD able to comment ?

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For me, it’s been working reliably for months now. But I have all the bells and whistles disabled, no QoS, no USB storage, no port forwarding, no nothing. Just router, WLAN AP with several 2,4GHz and sometimes one 5GHz client and some wired. The number of wired ports was the main reason for me to buy it in the first place.

Just my €0,02 :slight_smile:



Same here too.  No QoS, port forwarding, no media server, no nothing and no routing too.  I use it as a wifi access point alone.  For this purpose, it is ok.  But still got some gripes on 2.4 Mhz channel connectivity speeds.

If you get it on sale, buy it and give it a try.  Its your money and decision.  If it works for you, great.  If not, return it to the store.  Before you do that, come back here and leave some nice words to WD :wink: