Should I be concerned over my MBL?

I have about 1.8tb files uploaded to 2 tb MBL. I have since noticed a non-stop blinking green light. pls kindly explain what that could mean. It has been been like this for the last 3-4 days

Should I get worried?

Secondly, will upgrading the old twonky version that came with MBL to newer twonky version of 7.0.12 enable me play MKV files on PS3?   and does the WD DLNA for MBL play mkv files on PS3


Your MBL indicates that it is happy and in good health with a blinking green light on the front. This is its normal state indicating all is well.

If it doesn’t blink, or is a different color, it indicates something is wrong.

If you ever have to reset your MBL, or power it off, watch the light on the front when it reboots. It progress through a series of red, amber, and finally green once it’s fully booted.

I can’t comment on WD dlna for PS3 as I don’t have a PS3.

MBL under WD DLNA server does play MKV including 3D MKV but I don’t know if it does on a PS3. Hope this helps!