Short list in 3rd party apps and "File not found" error

I got a My Cloud Mirror 2nd Gen basically for two things: NZBGet and Git.
The problem is that I see none of them available in my app list. I see aMule, Transmission, Dropbox and some more but not these two specifically.
I already did a reset on the device (pressing the little back button for 4 seconds), reinstalled the latest firmware (2.10.310) and nothing.

I debugged with my browser a bit I found URL being invoked:
(*.201 is my NAS IP, even with DHCP configuration the same happens).

I see the response for this URL the following:

Date:Fri, 08 Jan 2016 12:23:04 GMT
Keep-Alive:timeout=15, max=32
Status Code:200 OK

File not found."

Any idea what happened?

Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

Not sure if it counts as assisting, but I can confirm my Gen 1 MCM has both apps available for installation:

If I try your link above (tweaked for the IP address of my MCM) it just responds as file not found as well (although I didn’t look in detail at the header).

I think a lot of the apps are also available for manual download and installation (via the link in the same menu where you’d pick them from the list) so if you can get a URL for the packages to manually download, you may be able to do it that way instead?

Hi @DarrenHill

What’s that link? I don’t see it in my MCM.

The screenshot is what I get if I go to my dashboard then select apps and click on the “install apps” button (ringed in red below):

You can see the manual install link as well just below the available apps list in the above screenshot. I don’t know what the links would be to download git and nzbget install files for manual installation, but someone else may be able to help there.

Thanks @DarrenHill

That link opens a select file window, I need to know first where to get those packages :slightly_smiling: . Do you know where?

For those packages unfortunately not, as I said above.

Maybe someone else can help?

I’m in the same boat - brand new Gen 2. A little frustrating.

Z-Way just showed up.
A friend of mine bought a EX2100 and NZBGet is there for the same firmware version

Maybe something to do with your individual networks or ISPs then as to what is available to see, although that would be rather weird I guess.

Perhaps a better question to ping at the relevant WD staff (a good starting point here is @Joerg_A perhaps, as I’ve possibly just done) is whether there is a list available anywhere on the WD website for manual download links of the app packages that are normally offered for installation via the dashboard offerings.

Hi, I have the same problem. I see some apps but not all of them, including the ones described above. I was planning on setting up GIT. Where can we find the packages to manually install?