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I just bought the wd cloud and connected it to a external hard drive I ready had I want the images on the external drive to show up in the wd photo app but unless you move all the images there is no way I can think to do it, I tried short cut but that does not work, I like that wd photo shows a thumbnail of the image

what are the difference between the public folder and folders you made who can see it

do you need virus software to keep safe


Hi eric_egan, currently the WD Photos app only views the pictures stored on the Public folder. It is really up to you if you want to install an antivirus, there are several free and paid options you can choose from. 

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Have you tried connecting the external hard drive to the WD My Cloud by using the USB connection? In the User Manual it says the hard drive should show as a share in the dashboard if connected by the USB.

“Connect a USB hard drive to the USB port on the rear of your WD My Cloud device for additional storage. The USB drive appears as a share on the WD My Cloud dashboard.”



I know on my phone using the WD Photo app I can view the pictures in both my Public share and my Horace share.


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