Shoddy pathetic packing by rma dep

hi,this is chetan shah from india, a long time wd customer. And i mean really long 15 year and more.
I recently had to rma 2 internal drives and i sent the bad drives to flextronics, Bengaluru, india.
The drives were sent by me on 5th sept and it was delivered to them on 7th sept, and drives were entered into system on 10th sept, don’t know why the gap for 2 days, and they shipped the replacement on 19th.
I was taken aback by the packing quality, they used cheapest and flimsest carton box to ship these expensive drives (wd black). The box was damaged and insides of the box was also damaged. See pics.
We all know the fedex or any courier guy DO NOT handle things with care, they just throw around the packages.
Now why does WD have to use cheap materials for shipping rma drives ? Are they saving money ? Or simply just dont care attitude.
Some one needs to address this issue.