Sheet.jpg file hiden when WDTV Hub is not connected

Always, for some reason, the WDTV Live Hub is disconnected from internet/network, the sheet.jpg file from Darklight theme is not visible. The figure below is an example of Darklight theme sheet.jpg file.

Is there a explanatio for this?

if the sheet in on the network or internet and you have no access, then it can not display what it’s unable to access

What firmware version are you on?

Older firmware did not allow you to display local sheets when not connected to the internet.  I can’t remember in what version this changed, but if your using the .png to .jpg trick to display the thumbs with transparency, then most likely you are still on a FW version that has to be connected to the internet to show the sheets.

Newer FW solves that, but then you lose the ability to use the .png to .jpg trick.

My firmware is 2.07.17, using Darklight theme.

I´m thinking to change the theme to CoCo but I am in doubt, because Darklight is very light (not to heavy)  and the CoCo fonts look smaller then Darklight.

Am I right??