Sharp plastic of 2TB passport (bad design?)

I have been a fan of Passport series for a long time and satisfied with design and performance of it. 

I own 500GB, 1TB and 2TB Passports - all of them different shape. 

After I’ve purchased 2TB drive, I’ve noticed that the edge of the plastic is very sharp - as if it wasn’t cast properly or not sanded down. I guess i could easily cut myself on it or if I were to put it in a pocket, it would pull out the threads of the material. 


It feels like a cheap “got it on DX” casing. 

1TB is totally different story, smooth, finely sanded (or finished otherwise), sturdy plastic (

Anyone else noticed this?

Hi, you should know that the new Passport model is designed to be even more strong and resistant than the old version. Even though you feel that the edge of the new Passport might be sharp, it should be practically impossible for you to cut yourself with it.