Sharing Video

I am considering using the Cloud Storage for sharing Video.
I am a coach, I would like to store game film for the players to view and download.
Is this something that this can be useful for?
Will I be able to keep my personal storage safe?
Will it bog down my internet speed at home if others are logging in to view videos?

Short answer is YES. It is possible to share a link that would allow another person to access and download a file that is stored on the My Cloud.

However, because that person would be accessing the file from what I assume would be remotely your broadband upload speed will be impacted. Depending on the upload speed it may take the person a long time to download the file.

If you plan on having a lot of people accessing the files, and or if the files are very large, then it might be best to look at online storage rather than something like the lower cost My Cloud devices which are generally designed for personal usage.

You can read through the My Cloud User Manual ( to learn more about the My Cloud, its features including remote access and how to configure those features.

One can view the WD My Cloud page for additional information on the My Cloud:

You’re better off outsourcing IMHO.

Tons of online streaming sites allow you to set streaming video up as private or require a password like youtube. $60/year for unlimited video at amazon.

Google offers 15GB free.

You could setup a Google Account for your team. Besides hosting 15GB free, you can also use that account to send out team emails as well. Maybe host photo’s, etc.

I can agree with above comments. You need an online cloud service. I have one of these, too. A “heads-up” even if the service offers unlimited data storage, it does mean there is unlimited streaming service. None of the cloud services want people turning the cloud storage into a free movie streaming service for all their friends and family members. There are limits to the file size that can others, and it is usually less than a gigabyte. Not enough allotted for full game movies to be sure Many allow the account owner unlimited file streaming, but not for others.

They basically allow file downloading; files large and small… So, you have to upload the movies, and then others can download them only.

Like the folks above pointed out, this uses none of your bandwidth other than your one-time upload. If you had a My Cloud at home to serve these movies your system could slow to a crawl. your home cloud device is best used for you and your family; not for others except for very small files, meaning not movies.

The service I use is called Pogpplug and they have a web-based way to use the cloud on computers, and a nice app that provides a way to upload photos and videos from your mobile devices, and is one way I keep those devices of mine backed up. Their app also has a way for you to stream your music, photos and videos stored in the PP Cloud on to your phone and tablet. Download speeds are fast so usually videos (even movies) stream well using fast home networks.

Their annual fee is $50/yr. Check it out at

And, BTW, file size streaming restrictions are rarely stated up front – people find out about them when they complain their friends can’t stream the movies in their cloud!.

One further comment. Many of the online storage hosting (“cloud”) services offer small amounts of free storage (usually around 5GB). If one doesn’t have large video files or a large number of files they can use the free hosting services. If one has a lot of files they can spread them across several of the free hosting services. It may be possible to host the files without actually paying for the full fledged hosting service. Download speed varies from each of the services however. Here are a few of the major ones:

Amazon Cloud Drive
Apple iCloud Drive
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive