Sharing My Book Essential Edition USB 2.0 Drive?

Hi, i recently bought a My Book 1TB Essential Edition USB 2.0 External Hardrive and was wondering if it were possible to connect the drive to my home network.  This, i hope, would allow me to have a large storage space for sharing files through my wireless network.  I would put all of my music on the drive, and that would free up space for other computers while still allowing them to access the music through the drive.  I don’t know exactly how i would go about doing this, or if it is even possible.  I read something about Mapping a Network Drive, but i don’t know whether that is what i am looking for.  Is it possible or recommended that i share the drive?  How would i go about connecting it directly to the network? (not the same as creating a workgroup and sharing the drive)  If you have any suggestions or help, thanks.  Maybe in a later post i will ask about sharing the drive between mac and pc computers… :slight_smile:

thanks again.

Actually, you can do it.  You will need to purchase a network adapter that will recognize and connect USB drives to your network. 

Can you connect 1 machine via firewire (for video) and another by usb?

I don’t know if they make network adapters for firewire and usb.  You would have to do your own checking on that.