Sharing folders with only a few users and not on the family folder

I bought the My Cloud Home Due this month and was very excited with it. Really looking forward to receive it and install as soon as it arrived to my home.

Everything was going very well until the moment that I figured out that I could not share the folders that I wanted with my wife only.

I bought the My Cloud Home to share with my wife, my mother and my father in law. So, if I use the Family folder, which is the only one shared with everybody (i.e., all users) my mother and my father in law is going to have access to the folders that I wanted to have been shared with my wife only.

The link to share is useless. I wanted my wife to see the folder that I wanted to share with her in her user page. But, the only way to make that happen, is using the family folder where all the other users are going to see it as well. That is not nice.

I was expecting this to work as the Dropbox, i…e you can share folders with the ones you want to share it. I believe that this is very easy to fix and to make it happen. So, why don’t WD do it and make all the comunity happy as I could see that I am not the only one disappointed with this subject.

So, WD, Let’s do it? Is there anything that prevent this to be done?

I don’t care if the transfer speed is slow and all the other problems related. But, this sharing issue is really disappointing.

Thanks WD and, please, Do IT!!!

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I am very disappointed for My Cloud Home doesn’t have this feature. I really think that is very important, I hope WD hear your costumes and change that.