Sharing files NOT via family folder

Having bought this device I can only say I’m VERY disappointed with the non-intuitive nature of the drive. And don’t get me started on transfer rate. 11 days to move 2tb? Ridiculous.

All I want to be able to do is see the drive on my Mac as just a mirrored enclosure, like my current NAS, and share ALL my files between registered users.

So far I have discovered that if I copy files onto it from my Mac and do not put them in FAMILY I can see them but my wife can’t. The same applies if she stores files outside FAMILY.

Also, I don’t appear to be able to see the drive at all without the WD app running. Why? it’s just a disk!!

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Transfer speed depend on the network speed. Also if you transfer the files to the family folder then it would be visible to all the users in the My Cloud Home.