Sharing account with family members

My dad created a My cloud account several years ago. So I made an account only for myself (my family members can’t access it.

Now I do want to share it with them as I cannot see my account appear on the television.

Does anyone know how to share my account back with them so they can access and edit it?

If you have an account and know the e-mail address that you used and password, you give that to them and they can use it. Make sure it is set as Public in the Dashboard. Are you sure that’s what you want? They can see everything you have on your My Cloud.

If you just want to allow them to use the My Cloud and you are the administrator of the Cloud make them a User. Follow the instructions in the Dashboard.

It’s just that I am a guest on my fathers account. Just like my other family members.
We just bought a new smart-tv and it can’t detect my folder. My folder is locked so that’s why I think it doesn’t appear. That’s pretty much the reason