Sharing account with family members

My dad created a My cloud account several years ago. So I made an account only for myself (my family members can’t access it.

Now I do want to share it with them as I cannot see my account appear on the television.

Does anyone know how to share my account back with them so they can access and edit it?

If you have an account and know the e-mail address that you used and password, you give that to them and they can use it. Make sure it is set as Public in the Dashboard. Are you sure that’s what you want? They can see everything you have on your My Cloud.

If you just want to allow them to use the My Cloud and you are the administrator of the Cloud make them a User. Follow the instructions in the Dashboard.

It’s just that I am a guest on my fathers account. Just like my other family members.
We just bought a new smart-tv and it can’t detect my folder. My folder is locked so that’s why I think it doesn’t appear. That’s pretty much the reason

Have you found a fix for this? I am having a similar issue…

I am the admin and created 3 user accounts for my family members…set them up with email addresses and rights to the folders they are to access.

Yet the MyCloud wont let them log on as them. I can log on from any PC as me, but as them, no good.

And that is either via the local network drive interface or the IP address via a browser.

Makes no sense!

And to boot, I cant seem to post a new topic to ask this question in the proper forum! LOL


Does anyone from WD ever check in to help?

Oh and just to clarify — I can log as me (admin) on any PC, and I have tried their usernames/passwords on my main PC and no good.

I have tried deleting their account and redoing them…rebooted the WD MyCloud…no good.

No I haven’t. I gave up and put my videos in the public folder instead of my own subaccount. Now I can acces it via the smart TV. Not really the way to go but it works for me now. I don’t think there is a solution for this as far as I can see. Big flaw in the system.

Thanks for the reply.

So I figured out that I can give the family members access to folders VIA THE WEB only…

In other words, I deleted their accounts…set them up again to generate a new email sent from WD…they set up their new password and then can access the device via the web and going to…which is about 75% of what we want…

STILL cannot seem to give them access to their folders or even a public folder using the usernames and passwords I set up for them locally when they try and access via windows explorer. The local setup doesn’t seem to have any bearing on their access at all…makes no sense…

I had fits trying to set this up years ago when I bought this drive and was chalking it up to W7 issues…figured W10 would solve everything.

Well, not so much.

Having easy local access through Windows is preferred when working locally, even though going out to the internet, thru the WD site andthen back to my cloud device works, but it seems silly.

But good thing is that at least they can access remotely if they need to now.

Hoping for a real fix!

Do WD techs ever respond to these forums? Or have we been left to fend for ourselves like with windows etc? Ya know…the old “make a forum for users to get their own help so we can save money” approach…LOL …?

I don’t know if there is a way to share this with several people except giving the password and email from the cloud, right?

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