Sharing a folder?

Hello, I just purchased the WD TV live for netflix and streaming my own media.  For netflix is works great, and I love all the extra features it has!  I also want to stream my own media as well.

When I plug in a USB HDD, it work for local content.(well some stutters(not all), but I read about that on the forum before I even bought the thing, and hope it’s something that will get fixed) but I can’t get a shared folder to show up.

At one point I had the media server up, but it does not want to play many file types for me, so it didn’t really work out.

Just wanting to know if there is a way to share a folder for the WD TV to search?

I have one mapped to my network, and it shows up for other computers hooked to my network, but I can’t get it to show up on the WD TV Live.  I also downloaded the WD link software and it finds my WD TV, but nothing lights up down below for me to map my drive too.

Any help would be amazing, also if I didn’t list all the info that was needed to help, let me know what else I can do please.

EDIT:  I actually solved this myself, so it’s up and running now.  I think I may make a ivdeo tutorial on it later. 

Edit 2:  Here is the video on how to do it, just in case some other person searching needs help.

Glad you solved it, I bet it was the folder permissions :stuck_out_tongue:

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