Sharespace (SP) or MyBook ii, White Light (WL)


I am close to deciding on what 4TB solution I should go with, but before I do I would like some last minute advise.

Firstly I am looking at buying the SP but the more I read the more the more questions arise, like:

  1. What Max capacity USB drive can I plug in to it, and can such a drive (such as the 2Tb Raid 1 WD I have) be added as space or be as a time capsule for my Macs. The reason I ask is that the White Light can become a time capsule.

  2. Does the WL have any heat issues considering it has no fans?

  3. Can the WL or SP be upgraded to increase capacity, because when I spoke to WD support they said the SP drives have to be replaced like for like drives, (capacity, type and model) so I am confused when I read that a 4TB can become an 8tb.

  4. I have read reports that the SP fails completely when 1 drive fails, because the recovery software is on that particular drive!

  5. Has anyone regretted buying the SP or has found that the WL is better?

I am really open to suggestions or advise because I have to make a decision soon because my present external drives is close to bursting.

Mnay thanks in advance for your time and help on this…

All the best - Steve

Did you ever get the information you requested?