Sharespace Raid wont format

Hello, I have a WD-Sharespace 4Tb box, it was working in raid 5 for years. I decided to replace it with a 12tb unit and use it somewhere else.

I copied all the data over to the new NAS, so NOTHING is on the sharespace, so I have no need to worry about any data on the unit.  This unit had the latest firmware installed on it years ago, when it was first installed to the job it was doing.

After I removed all data I ran the factory reset to wipe everything and get it back to out of the box settings.

This is where I start, after about 16hrs I discovered the default volume failed to create, and it tried to setup as a span not raid 5?

So I changed it to raid 5 and let it go thru its paces, again failed.

I pulled all the drives, hooked them one at a time to a PC and used WD DLG for windows to wipe the drives, they all test fine and wipe no problem.  Hours later…

Installed them into the Sharespace box, turned it on and waited.  Next day it looks ok everything is working , I check, it has a span volume , not what I want…  I set the unit to reformat to Raid 5…  This time I monitor it much more closely, It finished the rebuild ok at 20hrs or so, then it formats the volume, at the end of the format it has the messege “Failed to make filesystem

Any ideas?

ok, after yet another rebuild this time I tried raid10 it worked.

I did an orderly shutdown of the unit via the web interface, unpluged when she was fully cold and took it to the site of its new life.

I had preset the MAC address to automap the IP I wanted it on, everything was ready to deploy. plugged it in, it started a factory reset… Yup…   it started to rebuild the raid for no **bleep** reason.  I calmly unpluged it, didnt bother with the reset this time. Went out to the yard and politely asked a guy that was moveing a bit of heavy equipment to drive over it.

Done with it.

I suppose I could have found a use for the already verified good 1tb drives in it, but I feel so much better now…

No, the new NAS box is not WD…

This is quite an unfortunate event and it saddens me this was the experience you had with your WD Sharespace.

I’m in a similar position. . . albeit not to the point of running it over just yet.

I have a WD Sharespace 8TB and am getting the same message. Have factory reset it a few times and just curious how I can fix this. I’d rather not throw it away as I’m sure something can be done to save it!

I’m getting the same error on My WD ShareSpace a 4TB unit. Worked fine the reset to factory setting and nows fails to rebuild raid 5. Trying 10 now any ideas?