ShareSpace performance

I’ve just been playing with my ShareSpace settings on my gigabit network, trying to improve performance and noticed the MTU setting, which I had already adjusted to 9004 as per the instructions in the control panel and various manuals, when I saw that the jumbo frame size was supposed to equal 0 mod 8. I’m just wondering if, in the 5 or so years of the ShareSpace existing, anyone thought to divide 9004 by 8.

9004/8 = 1125.5


9004 = 4 mod 8 not 0

Anyway, I tried adjusting the MTU to 9000 (equal to 0 mod 8) instead and noticed a marked improvement in read speeds, increasing from 20MB/s to 30MB/s plus better general transfer speeds. Still pretty significantly lower than gigabit but certainly worth the change.

Anyway, just thought I’d share here, since the ShareSpace forums are locked, to see if anyone else noticed similar improvements.

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Hi declan86, welcome to the WD Community. I personally haven’t tried this but thanks for sharing anyways. Let’s see if other users have tried anything like this.