ShareSpace open access problems

Windows server 2003 Domain

25 domain users + 15 non domain users.

only use needed is one share for a large photo database that all need to access.

The non domain users will use FTP to access it.

 First tried to use SS as a domain device, after many hours of trial and error I discovered that the domain forest and AD must be in 2003 mode, had to wait a week but did that change over on a sat night when the office was dead. again many hours, no joy, discovered the SS cannot work with domain names longer than 15 characters.

Ok I now accept the unit is too primitive and abandon the desire of AD integration.

Moveing on, I now need to create a share and have that share open to all users.

 1) change device to workgroup mode.

 2) create share ‘share’

 3) ensure public access is on, below is settings of share:

 Share Information

 Name Share Description Public Photo Share

 Volume Data

 Volume Services CIFS FTP NFS AFP (all on)

 Public Access Enable -on

 NFS Access Full Access

 But every time I attempt to access the device \NAS1\share I am challenged for a user name and password. how do I set this up for a FULLY OPEN NO SECURITY FILE SHARE.

I dont want to have to add all 25 users to the user list due to ever changeing passwords.

Oh yes, at the advise of WDC support I did try to create a user with a blank password. 

SS does not allow blank passwords.

Will try level 2 tech after July 4th

FW is the latest version at time of post.

Any ideas other than return it?  hate sitting on my hands.

Have you been able to obtain additional support?