ShareSpace not finding new drive

I have a WD WDA4NC40000N 4TB ShareSpace Network Storage. One of the drives failed and I’m trying to replace it.

The original drive was a 1TB WD10EARS and I’m trying to replace it with the current version of that drive, a 1TB WD10EZRX. Same size, RPM, and cache.

The manual states that once the drive is phycially installed, it will be recognized, formatted, and restored. This is not happening. I’ve tried hard and soft reboots, but no effect.

I’m running a RAID 5.

Thanks in advance.

Somewhat embarrassing, but I’ll post just for future reference.

I went to pull the drive to RMA and noticed that it was a little longer than the other 3 drives. Of course all these drives were the same length, so I quickly realized that it was not seated properly. Once I reinstalled, it worked fine. The drive was compatible without issue.

Rebuild under way.