ShareSpace - Mountain Lion


once again, upgrading my OS has resulted in my Sharespace Time Machine backups not working. Has anyone experienced this problem with mountain lion? 

When I try to connect via the preference panel, it says “Error 19”

If I try to connect via Terminal using the command “tmutil” it will display “Error 45” (but with this last method I cannot make the copy do itself on the Sharespace pre-defined share for Timemachine, as I don’t know which share is used by the Timemachine defaults. 


Do not have the equipment to try myself, but as usually happens with OS upgrades some devices may stop working correctly.

My Time Machine Backups seem to work now after I followed the instructions here:

This method didn’t work for me.  


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This is ridiculous. Western Digital is simply screwing everyone with designed obsolescence by not making it compatible with the newer OS. I’m going to return this and take great satisfaction in knowing that the retailer throws this [Deleted] in a compactor and destroys it because it’s not cost effective to repackage.