ShareSpace Manager RC1 by Leonard Lee

Hi guys,

I’m just like anyone else here but I’m quite pleased with WD ShareSpace’s scheduled downloader however I’m looking to ask if there’s any form of API or Driver which I can use to program the ShareSpace?

Anyways, I’ve made myself a little app which replaces the web interface from Western Digital and makes it an easy to use windows application.

I call it my ShareSpace Manager. Assuming you were going to download 100 urls and you had to key in your username/password a hundred times over. wouldn’t you get pissed? I would and I did! So I made my little application

Now it not only Schedules but also does Removal of the items in that list that’s probably grown to a thousand items, just like mine. Get it now!

If you want to benefit from this - download it - and/or have something to say about my app, whether it helped you or whether you think it’s better done another way. post up =)

I’m putting this up to share this with the community.


Leonard Lee

Awesome utility. Looks like it will be very useful :slight_smile: Thank you for all your hard work!

Hi Ardvark,

Thank you =) I’m making improvements on it but I was hoping to have a straight channel with the device. any help there?


Version updated (Ready for download)

  • Some techy bits updated.

  • Text area for url pasting now expands with the window

  • Status bar shows which file is currently being processed. Should the ShareSpare NAS timeout, the file announced has been accepted for scheduling already.

  • Slightly more responsive now. Will improve it when I’m back from work.

Removal + Download Scheduling is completed and successful. Get rid of your old download list from years ago

it’s broken in the new update? 

it’s now functional. will be releasing soon =)

does anyone use it?

this looks like a really awesome tool. any chance on a universal platform edition ie OSX/Linux/ect

that would be great

thanks =) have made some improvements to it just now. this app was seriously built out of necessity cause the web interface for WD’s ShareSpace is clunky and what i’ve done here, effectively, allows you to paste in a thousand urls to schedule, click a button and walk away - in comparison to having to key in all your details for every single file just to schedule it.

at the moment, it’s staying a .net app and I have plans to create a web service facade for it.

how i’m using this app.

  1. From the desktop

  2. Running as a Web Service on a remote computer which allows me to paste in a whole heap of links and it will chug through and schedule them on the ShareSpace.

Linux. any suggestions as to how i should do it there?

By the look it is a C# application - if so I suppose Mono will make the creation of a linux version  feasible. 

that’s great then! you’re right, it’s in C#.

i’ve just finished updating it. please do trial it on mono and post back results! i’m excited to hear about it

new clickonce deployed project available at

download that and run it, it will download the rest of the app to install.

release version will feature command line shutdown/reboot capabilities