Sharespace iTunes Server not working with iTunes 10.5?

I have iTunes Server enabled on my Sharespace and all my music in public/music.

I can see the Sharespace under Shared in iTunes, when I select it iTunes does not display any music files?

I understand iTunes has changed something in 10.5 that stops the Sharespace from being used?

Is WD going to issue a firmware upgrade to resolve this issue? A number of other NAS suppliers have already. It seems WD is slow on the uptake yet again?

Neither the Sharespace or the MBW are working with iTunes 10.5 until another update is made, the workaround is to go back to the older version of iTunes.

Happy new 2012 year for all !!!

I’m struggling from the same problem. Are there any news so far?

Has anyone tried to upgrade originally bundled FireFly server?

Im interest to see how long WD take to address these issues my concern is on other stuff that goes on. This seems to be a ongoing issue with how WD trade worldwide.