Sharespace connection with Live Hub

Got a quick question for everyone.

Is it possible to connect the WD Sharespace via ethernet cable STRAIGHT to the WD Live Hub Center? I want to stream movies from the sharespace. 

Thank you all!

WOW, no one can help me here!

Well, yes, you could do that, but why would you want to?

Just hook them both up to your LAN.

Well the reason is because my network is 10/100 and I figured since both the live hub and sharespace are gigabit interfaces that should be better for streaming than hooking it up to my lan…

Does that make sense?

Yep, your idea sounds perfectly reasonable.

But really it’s not going to make much difference.   The HUB doesn’t do much better than 100 Megabits/second even though it has a Gig interface.   So, in other words, you’re not going to be penalized to any significant degree by keeping it on your existing 100 meg network.