Sharespace causes internet speed to gradually decrease

Hello everyone.

My setup (DHCP based):

adsl router (USR9108) <—>PC-1 (Win-XP)

                                          <—> Homeplug-1 (devolo)

                                         ^^^^^^ Homeplug-2 (devolo) <—>Access Point switch (100Mbps) ~~~~ Wii

                                                                                                                                                               <—> PC-2 (Vista) 

                                                                                                                                                               <—> Sharespace

                                        ^^^^^^ Homeplug-3 (devolo) <----> WDTV Live


<—> is a cable connection on a LAN port 

^^^^ is a connection over powerlines

Everything worked normally before buying the Sharespace. When I bought it and plugged it in the access point I noticed after a while &nbsp;that I couldn't access the Internet, neither from the Wii nor from PC-2.&nbsp;

Rebooting the router (or reseting it via web interface) restored speed back to its maximum (~850kbps on a 8MB line). I then unplugged the sharespace from the LAN and the network &nbsp;maintained its normal speed (I left it unplugged for 3 days to be sure).

I then re- plugged the Sharespace and after 8 hours speed dropped again &nbsp;to ~90kbps. (I measure the download speed by downloading a large file from an ftp server AND by using At this time I checked the LAN by streaming a 1080p movie from the NAS to both WDTV Live and PC-2. It worked without any problem, leading me to think that LAN speeds aren't affected.

Last night I disabled itunes server, MioNet, Network Time Protocol from the sharespace and reset the router (confirming that dowload speed resumed its normal 850kbps rate). This morning I checked again and speed was down to 80kpbs. I tried to disable the Twonky Media Server, but I couldn't find any way to do it.

Viewing sharespace's logs I noticed that in the CIFS tab, every 30 minutes there are the following entries:

2010/03/10 07:46:33&nbsp;&nbsp;Error writing 4 bytes to client. -1. (Connection reset by peer)  
&nbsp;2010/03/10 07:46:33&nbsp;&nbsp;write\_data: write failure in writing to client Error Connection reset by peer

(I don't know if they are relevant to the problem). Please notice that is the address of PC-1, so just in case I mapped a network disc to the sharespace.

I will get back this afternoon to see if that made any difference, but chances are that I will find a very low internet speed again.

Any thoughts?&nbsp;

I am thinking of borrowing another router to see if the combination of router / sharespace is the problem (since router is working perfectly without the sharespace in the network).

Upnp is disabled on the router.&nbsp;

It seems that sharespace clogs the router with something...

Thanks in advance

After many tests it seems that this unit and my router (USR 9108) just don’t like each other!!

I changed the router and everything works fine. I use the old router without the NAS present and everything works fine. Old router and NAS, problems persist.

So, for some reason unknown to me USR9108 + WD Sharespace = problem.

I saw your post, and passed your findings along.  I’ll let you know if I hear anything.