Sharespace blocked on 2nd attempt on domain network

I have a WDSharespace 4TB network drive connected to my work network domain. Using the WD Anywhere Backup software (ver. 4.00.5484) I linked to the WDSharespace drive, entered the username and password and saved it, created a backup plan on the computer’s standard user account, backup the selected files, confirmed backup, then logged out.

When I logged back in and opened the WD Anywhere program the WD Anywhere software indicated that the destination was no longer available. I tried to access the WDSharespace drive directly via the Network file manager. I can see the drive icon, but I am not allowed access.

I logged out of the standard user account and logged in as the administrator and I could see and access the WDSharespace drive.

I logged out and logged back in as the standard user and still had no access.

I logged back in as the admin, still had access; so I setup a backup plan with the WD Anywhere Backup software from the Admin profile. The backup worked fine until I logged out and then logged back in as the admin. Now the admin account is locked out as well (on this computer only).

I tried the same as above on other computers with the same negative results.

Restrictions have been lifted on the domain controller for all accounts. Still nothing.

Deleted user account from WDSharespace drive. Nothing.

Uninstalled WD Anywhere backup from computer. Still can’t access the network drive.

Now I believe the issue is either with the WDSharespace drive’s firmware or some hidden data file on the laptop, and not with the networks domain controller. Any ideas?

How are you connecting to the drive?

Try to rejoin the Sharespace to the Domain