ShareSpace 4TB - Deleting files / directories via SSH or Terminal?

ShareSpace: 4TB / RAID 5 / Gigabit ethernet

Computer: 2 Macs w. OS X 10.6.8, 1 Dell w. Windows Vista 7

Due to the amount of data we’re handling and the well-documented slow transfer speeds of this RAID device, I’m in the process of phasing out our office Sharespace and replacing it with another RAID solution. Doing so means copying / moving close to 2TB of data, which I already know is going to take a long time (yawn). What I don’t understand is why it’s taking so long to simply delete, via one of the Macs, a whole bunch of data that has already been moved to another drive.

It is taking almost as long to delete the data as it did to write it to the RAID in the first place. Does anyone know whether there is a faster option to get this done e.g. via the rm command in Terminal, or some SSH wizardry directly on the Sharespace?

Yes, it is slow. If you are done with the data, you can always try to do a factory default reset, this will erase ALL the data on the drive:

Looks that way, doesn’t it? Thanks for the response!