ShareSpace 4000 not working after firmware upgrade and soft reset

So it started with a firmware upgrade to the latest version (2.3.02). After over an hour I still could not access the system, but all the lights were green and everything looked fine, so I restarted it, and still could not access (all lights green again).

Then I did a soft reset and used the WD install tool to find the drive (the IP had changed). It is still broadcasting and I can view the configuration site (wdsharespace.local) but the admin password is no longer working.

I tried the default, admin : admin, and WD support told me to try admin : password and neither are working. The admin password that I had set does not work either. This applies to the configuration panel, as well as mounting the drive.

When one of the users types tries to mount the drive with their account in Windows, they get a an error saying “the nework path to \wdsharespace could not be found”. On a Mac, using the same SMB protocol, they get as far as the list of their available shares (Configuration, Download, Public, their_personal_share) but when they try to connect to anything but Configuration, it says “There was an error connecting to the server”. It is accepting their username/password because it gives a different error if it’s wrong, and it always gives the admin user the “bad password” error. All users exect admin can still connect over FTP, however no files are present.

Support has been no help (made it to tier 2) and I’ve done a soft reset 4 times now.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If nothing works, my next step is to put all 4 drives into Linux box and try to mount the EXT3 file system. If anyone has suggestions for that, it would help as well.

We will get someone to assist you with this.