Shares not showing contents


Now whenever I access my device from my mobile device or a remote computer, the shares don’t show their contents. I can see the actual shares, just can’t see what’s inside of them (Except for the public folder, that works as normal).

Any ideas what’s up with this? When I try to access the share from a remote computer, it gives me the following error.

X:\ is not accessable.

The specified server can not perform the requested operation.

Could this have to do with me restoring firmware recently? This drive is a real pain…

Have you tried deleting the WD2GO account and creating a new one? 

You mean deleting the account from the actual MBLD interface? If so, then yes I tried that.

This thing is really pissing me off now, and I hope someone from the tech team here can assist me.

So, anyone else have any ideas?