Shares not editable

Yesterday I wanted to rename a share of my My Book World (White Light, 1 GB). Somehow it failed. Afterwards the share was listed in Windows 7 and Mac under the old name (SMB/CIFS), but it wasn’t accessible anymore.

It’s also listed in the Network Storage Manager, but if I try to edit it, it says “Share not found.” If I want to create a new share it says: “Failed to create share.”

The least problem is that my files in this share are obviously gone, but I cannot create any new share or edit old ones.

I tried to reboot, a soft reset and a firmware upgrade - none of these options worked for me.

Next I will have to try a reset to factory defaults. But before I have to save 400 GB of data - excellent.

Do you have any further hints?

One mistake could have been that the share was mounted as network drive in Windows.