Shares full?

This has been happening for a while now im wondering if anyone has had the same problem?

After adding a certain amount of files to a certain share it then appears empty when i try to access it from my Samsung TV…

I had about 8 movies in a certain folder now I cant access any of them on my smart TV only on my phone app

Hi there,

On this particular share, do you have media serving enabled? This could be happening because the share does not have the option enabled for the share. You can check this out on the share section on the dashboard, when you select the share you will be able to see if it has media serving enabled.

It’s possible that the permissions on teh files you added are restricted to ‘admin’ or ‘root’ or something else that other users (your tv) cannot see.

A quick way to reset permissions is to login via SSH as root. Then do a chmod -r 777 /shares/YOURSHARENAME

Yes but I’m able to access them until I keep adding more files to the share then they all dissapear its as if the mbld doesn’t like having a certain amount of files or space in each share? Media sharing is deff enabled because I’m able to access the files in it up until this happens and other shares with not so many files in them are fine… I wish I never bought this stupid thing it’s been nothing but stress and headaches ever since i did

It’s hard to determine from your posts if your problem is with your MBLD or with your TV.  You should try to isolate the problem first. 

How is your TV accessing the content on your MBLD?  via SMB, NFS, iTunes server, DLNA, Twonky,?    It is possible that if it is DLNA or Twonky that the media server database is being rescanned or rebuilt after you add a lot of new data so that for a short temporary time period the media server is inaccesable. 

You can check to see if your shares are full in the Dashboard.  I highly doubt this is the case.

If you are using DLNA, i highly recommend that you install Twonky instead.  There is guide on how to do it. Search for it…