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I’m looking at buying a MyBook Live Duo and just wondered if anyone can help tell me if it will suit my desires (i.e. can you help me on what may seem stupid questions…).

  • Does the itunes server aspect work across the board.  Effectively, can it be accessed and work to remote locations also, so if I set it up and run it can my parents also access the itunes files on my drive via the web?
  • Would they be able to back-up to it directly across the web also?
  • Would they need to login each time or can I set it to operate as a network drive for them which automatically connects at startup?



  1.  No.   iTunes servers only work on the local network.

  2.  It depends on how the backups are being done.

  3.  No.  You cannot access it as a network drive over the Internet.

On 3) If you use Remote Access your parents would be able to access the drive. I am not sure if the mapping will maintain after a reboot, I will try it on mine later.

Remote Access is kinda slow though, so you would not want to be backing up whole computers and stuff, but it would work fine for sharing pictures, music, or stuff like that.

Thanks everyone.


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