Shares are weird!

Just got my new unit today. Have been trying to set it up all day…rather a pain really.

I connect using Windows shares to a Synology NAS. There are 7 shares for my TV Shows and movies. I did have three more shares for photos and music, but they were taking so long to scan I rebooted the thing (many times) and eventually found out (from this forum) how to delete the music and photos shares. This was quite difficult as the thing was so slowed down doing the scan it probably took me half an hour to do - every control click was so slow…

Anyway, I deleted the three photo/music shares from the media manager. It seemed to delete ok, and they are no longer listed as shares. But when I go into the Videos section, the Photos share still comes up - and it even has some content in it. It is NOT listed in the media manager. I currently have 6 shares listed (visible) in the media manager.

I thought I had added another share to folder  ‘xxx\Movies - the Latest’. It is not showing up, so I try to add this as a share in the media manager. It won’t, saying that the share already exists. But it doesn’t.

I understand the there might be a share limit  (cannot understand why that would be the case), but I seem to be under it.

I am thinking of doing a complete reset - do you think that is wise?  I say this as the media scan took many, many hours, and I do not want to repeat it. There seems a lot of problems with the scan in any case, but will leave that for another thread.

Go to setup and try turning the media library off an on.

The problem is that I have two shares on the NAS - “Movies” and “Movies - the Latest”. I can add either one of these shares to the WDTV, but not both. I can add either one, but when I try to add the second one, I either get a “this share already exists”, or “this share is a sub folder of another share” message.

The problem seems to be the naming of the shares. It seems the WDTV processing of the share name is at fault. I cannot rename either share as they are used by so many other systems (XBMC, Plex).

this is correct, im having the same issue, i have movies & movies 2, i can add either one on its own but not together, the smp says its already in use, seems the naming of the folder is the issue here, so i now have movies & films… If i get another drive im gonna have to rename that to something different too, this feature really does **bleep**