Sharename for USB External is changing

I have 3 WD Passport drives I will be connecting to the mycloud in a rotating basis for backup purposes.  I would like them to all have the same share name regardless of which one is connected.  Now they show as My_Passport_X where X is a random single digit number.  This causes problems when trying to map a drive to it since the name changes.  Is there a way to have mycloud remember the share name for a given device?

Why don’t you connect a USB hub then connect each one to it. The following comes from the WD My Cloud User Manual.



When you attach a USB drive to the WD My Cloud device’s USB 3.0 expansion port, it becomes a network drive. Now the USB drive has the following capabilities:  When you connect an external USB drive such as a WD Passport, a memory stick, or a camera to the WD My Cloud device, you can access it with Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.  The USB drive can serve as a target for backups in WD SmartWare, Windows, or Time Machine.  You can map the drive as a user share drive (Windows) or an alias (Mac).  If a WD external drive has been locked, when it is attached to the WD My Cloud device, it maintains that security and can be unlocked or relocked using the Dashboard.  You can attach a powered USB hub to the external USB port and attach up to seven USB devices to the hub.


To open and read the User Manual click on the link below.


Thanks for the response.  The purpose of having 3 is so I can rotate them to off site storage for safe keeping on a weekly basis.  By having the same share name for each I can keep my backup scripts the same.