Sharedspace admin interface blocked after firmware update

Lucky for me it hapened after a full restore so no data is missing, but is frustrating since I cannot access to create users and folders.

I’ve read a lot of complains but so far I havent seen a solution posted for this kind of problem.

When I punched the update button I left the device alone until the blue admin interface popped up again, thats when I discovered I no longer can log in to the admin console.

Help, please.

Can you provide a screen shot?

What error do you get?

You can reset the drive if it’s a password/username error

Just that user/password do not match.

I did the 20 sec reset several times, even unplug it for several hours

It doesnt accept the admin/admin login even after the 20 sec reset

Can you access the storage part and not the netadmin… or the drive is not working at all?

Hi Wizer,

Yes, I can acces the main storage, the second “WD_backup” says “There was a problem connecting to the server “WDShareSpace.local”.” when trying to acces or to assign it to timemachine, and I cannot login in to the admin console anymore.